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Fulfilling the Department of Provincial and Local Government Requirements

Red Cap gel fuel fulfils the Department of Provincial and Local Government’s requirements for an Alternative Energy Source. It is further identified as an Alternative Energy Source in the Department of Minerals and Energy’s (DME) ‘Free Basic Energy Guidelines’ document. 

Red Cap gel is an Alternative Energy Source that offers a cost-effective, safe and empowering energy solution. Red Cap gel product range is ideal as an energy source in informal housing as it meets the basic needs of cooking, heating and lighting. 

The safety and health benefits of Red Cap gel as an energy source has far-reaching quality of life and empowerment outcomes. 

Bringing a safe, cost-effective and efficient energy source to your constituents is now easily and readily available. Implementing this Free Basic Alternative Energy is made a reality through accessing funds from Government’s Equitable Share allocation to municipalities. 

The Department of Minerals and Energy further states that the Equitable Share allocation can be spent on Alternative Energy sources as it “facilitates provision of access to other forms of energy.” [Paragraph 2.4 of ‘Free Basic Energy Policy Guidelines’, Department of Minerals and Energy (DME).


Recreational and Military Use

With Red Cap’s obvious safety and effectiveness established within a daily domestic environment, its application in areas such as camping, braai and barbeque products, outdoor and general emergency situations is apparent. Our Products offer everything from small emergency/overnight solutions to semi-permanent cooking equipment. No emergency pack should be without them! 

Red Cap gel fuel in sachets make an easy, non-toxic fire starter for braai's or barbeques. These sachets are designed to fit into the Portable Cooker unit, primarily designed for military use, which offers an instant, compact and effective cooker. 

The Red Cap lamps provides light for outdoor or emergency use in a compact and safe lantern for over 60 hours on just 500ml of Red Cap oil.


Disaster Management Solution

Red Cap Gel and Liqui Lamp are easy to transport and do not require sizeable infrastructure to operate correctly. They are safe and easy to use and quickly make a big difference to areas where there is no energy available. These abilities of the Red Cap products make them ideal for disaster areas where infrastructure has been destroyed and short to long term cooking and heating solutions are critical to sustaining human life. 

Rescue South Africa is an organisation that executes emergency response operations for large-scale disaster and relief operations through out the world. The organisation state that they use Red Cap for "food preparation, hot water and space heating” and that “Red Cap will form part of any Rescue South Africa deployment."


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