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With Red Cap gel typically being used in small confined areas with bad ventilation, such as informal housing, low toxicity has significant health, specifically respiratory, advantages. 

Other fuels emit a strong odour when burning, which often affects the taste of the food being prepared. Red Cap gel fuel does not change the taste of the food being prepared, even if this food is prepared directly on Red Cap's open flame.



Red Cap gel fuel is an organic-based product, made from sugar cane, a renewable crop, which has many advantages over other non-organic fuels. When burning, Red Cap gel does not emit toxic gasses, is safer when swallowed or inhaled compared to other fuels and can even be used as an antiseptic to skin wounds as its main ingredient is ethanol.


Red Cap’s gel form makes spillage easy to contain and control. As the gel only burns on its surface, flame height is consistent and if spilled when lit, the gel does not explode. Red Cap gel, when burning, can be extinguished by simply blowing out its flame. Shack fires, burn injuries and respiratory damage caused by accidental spillage are almost entirely minimised by using Red Cap gel fuel as a primary cooking and heating method. The cost to local Municipalities of providing emergency relief and medical care to these constituents would be greatly reduced by preventing the actual cause of these fires.


Red Cap lamp is the lighting solution from Red Cap. This unique lamp is made from plastic, making it difficult to break and spill the Red Cap lamp oil should it be knocked over. The body of the lamp is also designed with flat edges so that it is easy to hold and will not roll far should it fall onto a floor.


Should Red Cap oil spill, it will not catch alight if exposed to a naked flame (the oil has a flash point of 118° Celsius). This safety feature of the oil is a significant development in preventing the alarming number of shack fires and resultant burn injuries. Preventing these incidents reduces local government spending on emergency interventions and frees up resources to deliver basic services.

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