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Key Features
  • Red Cap gel fuel is an organic-based product
  • Red Cap gel fuel does not change the taste of the food being prepared
  • Environmental Benefits - Red Cap Gel’s main component is 100% organic ethanol
  • Low toxicity has significant health, specifically respiratory, advantages.


Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits - Red Cap Gel’s main component is 100% organic ethanol which has been extracted from the sugar cane plant. As the sugar cane crop is a renewable energy source, stimulation of this crop in turn sustains employment within both the agricultural industry and the alternative energy industry. Our product ranges are safe, odourless and non-toxic to both humans and the environment.



Efficiency and Cost

Red Cap gel fuel burns up to twice as long as other liquid fuels. Litre for litre, Red Cap’s price compares favourably to other liquid fuels. This makes Red Cap gel fuel the most cost-effective and safest fuel available to informal housing residents and the needy. 

Red Cap gel fuel will bring water to boiling point in eight minutes. One litre of the Red Cap gel fuel will burn for a minimum of four hours, almost twice as long as liquid fuels commonly used today. 

Liqui Lamp Oil may burn for up to 95 hours in our standard 500ml Liqui Lamp. The Liqui Lamps burn as brightly as the light of two candles. Our Liqui Lamp comes with either "regular" lamp oil or lamp oil with Citronella added (Citronella is a natural oil used as both an animal and insect repellent). Kindly note that our refills for the oil are sold in either a 500ml / 2 litre / 5 litre container.


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